recycle your christmas cards - pick n mix cards blogSadly, Christmas is now over for another year but to beat those January Blues we have the answer! Christmas cards can be more than just cards so don’t be in a hurry to put them in the recycling just yet! There are so many designs, shapes and sizes with so much potential to get creative and opportunities to upcycle. We hope that these ideas will be great projects for you to enjoy a bit of me time or do with the kids on those rainy days at weekends or during the holidays.

Gift Tags – My Family’s Tradition

Every year for as long as I can remember my mum has always done this by making our Christmas cards into gift tags for next Christmas. It is such a simple and great way to transform your Christmas cards for another year! Depending on how big or small each card is, you simply cut the whole of the front of the card off from the back making either one large gift tag or cut out one or two shapes to make smaller tags. You can also us some of the card embellishments such as bows, buttons, to give your gift tag a more unique and glamour touch! In our family, the following year we would then write on the back and stick on the parcel with Sellotape but if you want you can also punch a hole and thread some colourful ribbon or string on to stick it to the parcel instead.

This is a great idea of using letters from Martha Stewart adding that personal touch to your presents – Gift tag letters

gift tag resue christmas cards pick n mix cards blog

Works of Art!

This is a great project to start the New Year and brighten or refresh a room by making your Christmas cards into works of art. This can easily be done with any other type of Greetings Cards such as Birthday cards. Why? Behind every card some talented, creative person has spent time and love designing the image that features on your card so why not showcase your favourite! All you need for this simple project is a photo frame.

works of art - reuse christmas card - pick n mix cards blog

The Christmas Card shown in this picture was a Charity Christmas Card we received supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity by The Art Group.

School books and sticky back plastic!

I remember as a child at school using sticky back plastic on my school books to make them last and to make them individual. Why not use your Christmas or Birthday cards to decorate your own notebook covers or let the kids get creative with theirs!

Don’t loose your page!

I know with technology you can read books on Kindles etc but I still love a physical book to read. Using your Christmas cards, you can create simple bookmarks to stop you losing the page! You can simply cut a strip or add more to the bookmark by punching a hole and adding string or ribbon, whatever you prefer.

bookmark recycle chrsitmas cards pick n mix cards blog

Brighten up your fridge!

A fun way for you to brighten up your fridge is to upcycle your Christmas cards into magnets. You will need to buy magnetic tape or backs which are available from most craft shops or eBay! You could even make over some existing magnets or yo give as a present.

fridge magnet recycle christmas cards pick n mix cards

This card for both bookmark and fridge magnet was from National Deaf Children’s Society – Santa’s Morning Routine by Impress Publishing.

Keep Kids Entertained!

Puzzle! I love this idea of transforming Christmas cards into puzzles and such a simple way to keep the kids entertained! Simply cut the front of the card from the back and get creative with your scissors! Hopefully this will then keep the kids entertained so you can enjoy 5 minutes peace.

puzzle reuse christmas cards pick n mix cards blog

Get creative!

Ever thought of creating a collage? It is such a great project to create a new artwork for your house and have fun with all your family. All you need is some glue and scissors and either paper or canvas. Simple create 1 or a series of pictures with your Christmas or Birthday cards and transform them into new artwork for the house or to give as presents.

Do love to be by the seaside!

Nowadays this might be seen by some people as old fashion and traditional, but postcards aren’t just for saying how much you are enjoying the sun while on holiday. I have read many times that people prefer receiving personal handwritten messages compared with text or post on social media. Simply cut the front of the card, write your message and address and add a stamp! A postcard is normally about A6 in size, 148 x 105 mm or 5.8 x 4.1 inches. Otherwise they can be great to leave for your other half or kids with a personal message to cheer them up or to remind them!

postcard reuse birthday cards pick n mix cards blog

This was a Birthday card given to me last year. This card is designed by The Art File from the Natural History range – Ruby Topaz Hummingbird.

Creating Memories 🙂

I have always kept special cards from close family including Christmas cards, Birthday cards and more. I have never really thought about why, but I think it must just be for sentimental reasons more than anything. At the moment they are saved in a bedside drawer but I should probably make or buy a memory box for all my special cards and items. This could be a simple shoebox or go and buy one, but if you are feeling creative make yourself one, adding that personal touch!

Donate to Charity

Here a couple of ideas where you can donate your Christmas cards, but I am sure there are plenty more in the UK

Recycle Now – What to do with Greetings Cards?

Age UK -Birthday and Christmas Card Project

Community Cards

Alternative…Christmas Card Recycling!

If you don’t fancy upcycling your Christmas cards, Sainsbury’s stores are collecting boxes in branches for you to recycle Christmas cards as well as wrapping paper and defunct fairy lights in connection with FSC UK. However, this was due to end on Monday 8th January 2018 but they were still available in my local store today. Please make sure you remove any embellishments such as bows, jewels, ribbons etc and do not include cards that have glitter.

Thank you for reading…

I hope this gives you some inspiration on great ways to upcycle and recycle your Christmas cards this year. Enjoy and thank you for reading.

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